SEB AGNEW - Staged Photography. Cubes II.
Cubes, Staged Photography, Seb Agnew, Narrative, Conceptual, Diorama, Miniature, Cinematic
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Cubes II

About This Project

The air is afire, the earth is shaking,
A crack crawls deeply beneath our feet.

One circle is closing, the next in the making,
A clockwork drums to an eternal beat.


The ongoing conceptual photo series “Cubes II” explores the interconnectedness of humankind within the context of history repeating itself. Every once in a while, distinctive situations seem to reoccur, challenging us to continually reflect upon them and to avoid mistakes made in the past. 


All nine images from “Cubes II” draw their inspiration from different periods of history. Within identically shaped, cubic rooms, the architecture from notable historic buildings as well as significant events are picked up and reinterpreted. These Cubes, which were all built as miniature sets, thus serve as an allegory of our past and possible future times. Visually they are connected by a crack running through the walls of the rooms representing the fragility of the world we currently live in.


What can we learn from the past and how do we use these insights for shaping a sustainable future?