SEB AGNEW | Staged Photography. Syncope.
Seb Agnew, staged photography, narrative photography, conceptual photography, inszenierte fotografie, cinematic, hyperrealistic, surreal, mysterious, magical realism, photo artist, photographer, Hamburg, award-winning, fine art, photo art, miniatures, post production, set design, compositing, prints, large-format prints, limited edition
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2017 – 2022

Seb Agnew – Noodles
Noodles, 2019
Seb Agnew – Cards
Cards, 2021
Seb Agnew – Trees
Trees, 2021
Seb Agnew – Boxes
Boxes, 2018
Seb Agnew – Sticky Notes
Sticky Notes, 2017
Seb Agnew – Roses
Roses, 2017
Seb Agnew – Hunting Pulpit
Hunting Pulpit, 2021
Seb Agnew – Slot Machine
Slot Machine, 2018
Seb Agnew – Laundry
Laundry, 2017
Seb Agnew – Firewood
Firewood, 2020
Seb Agnew – Sparks
Sparks, 2017
Seb Agnew – Tin Foil
Tin Foil, 2022

About this project:


Syncope (the medical term for “fainting” or “passing out”) examines the feeling of being disoriented and puts it into the context of our modern everyday life: Again and again, we lose track of what is happening around us – and when we concentrate the most, we often find ourselves thinking about nothing at all. This metaphorical temporary loss of consciousness has become a daily companion for many people in our fast-paced and complex society.


Within a total of twelve images,  the conceptual series “Syncope” explores situations in life that are staged, but, at the same time, draw their inspiration from the world around us and our common experience.


Are we still able to focus in a world so full of stimuli? And how do we deal with ongoing as well as upcoming personal and societal challenges?

Fine Art Prints:


Limited edition artworks of this series can be purchased in the Print Shop.


General information about Seb’s fine art prints can be found here.